Workshops for students, grade 3 and up: 

Fun With Folklore
By using storyboarding and a round-robin style of storytelling, students discover they can quickly learn a story and perform it before their peers. This 90 minute presentation, expandable to a three-hour interactive workshop, has helped students,
and teachers alike, gain a new understanding
and appreciation for the folklore of the world
while meeting Arizona educational standards
for language arts.

All About Me!
This 90-minute interactive workshop teaches children how to write a personal story, using a simple three-part worksheet. Included in the presentation are the elements of story, a simple story blocking technique and the opportunity to share their “first drafts” with their classmates. This presentation meets Arizona Common Core educational standards.
Workshops for Teachers, parents, and caregivers:

 How To Read To Children
Storytime…It can be a slog through molasses or it can be the highlight of the day. This 90 minute workshop is designed to help anyone working with young children to develop the active and enthusiastic teller and/or reader style that draws listeners into a story. Choosing a story, using character voices, pacing, story dynamics - all of these elements combine to create the satisfying connected story experience. A bibliography is included.

Beyond the Book
Your favorite story book can be a starting point for literacy, communication and relationship development rather than the end point. Bring it to this hands-on workshop for teachers, parents and caregivers. Take this opportunity to create, as well as practice, various story sharing techniques such as storyboards, flannel stories, draw-and–tell, cut-and-tell, puppets, storytelling and story reading. This half-day workshop will add a great element of fun to your next event.