Elly has been a storyteller since 1998, with experience including:
National Storytelling Network member
Graduate: Storytelling Institute at South Mountain Community College, 2007
Three-time member of Nu Wa Storytelling Delegation to Gengcun,
China’s premiere storytelling village.
Presented reading workshops to high school child development classes.
Taught Head Start Teacher In-service Programs.
Conducted Folklore workshops for Grades 1-8, presented workshops at the International School of Beijing.

You can also find Elly on: Storyteller.net
Elly Reidy has been a professional storyteller since 1998. She tells stories across generations and cultures, looking for humor and a shift of perspective in the stories she tells.

Elly grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where getting someplace remarkable by paddling a water craft was pretty common. Elly takes you someplace remarkable with every story,
'Paddling the Storied Water Your Way'...

“Elly Reidy has inspired my middle school drama classes to tell stories…clearly she is an educator as well as a performer.”
Tom Safford, 8th grade Language Arts, Sequim, Washington

“You’ve changed the way I read.”
4th Grade Boy, Scottsdale, AZ

“I’m with him; I’ll never look at reading the same way again.”
4th grade Boy, Scottsdale, AZ